5 Best Kayak Crates for New Kayak Anglers in 2022

If you have tried kayak fishing, you know how a crate can come in handy sometimes. Let us say you have a lot of gear to carry, it means you will need more space to hold the rods and still have everything you need for kayak angling.

So, before you head out for your next fishing trip, consider getting the best kayak crate. This will help you have more storage room and organize your gear better.

Anyone who is an experienced kayak angler knows the importance of organization. The space in a kayak is often limited, so having a kayak crate can help organize the kayak so that you can fish better.

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What is a Kayak Crate?

As the name suggests, it is a crate best suited for holding gear and other supplies in your kayak. The best kayak crate would be versatile, meaning it does not have to be only used on kayaks but also other outdoor events.

The kayak crates can be made of different materials with various features that would make them ideal for kayaking. Before you can buy one, take the time to check out its features compared to other models in the market to find the correct crate for the money.

Why You Need a Kayak Crate

The biggest reason you would get yourself the best kayak crate is because of storage. If you like fishing, you know there is so much gear you need to carry. Well, the kayak crate should provide you with enough space to store the additional gear.

Still, the crate is important for organizing your storage. You can also have drinks in the crate other than your fishing gear. So, once you organize your kayak storage, you will quickly notice how possible it is to hold more stuff.

How to Choose a Kayak crate

Capacity and Size

This is probably the first consideration you have to make when choosing the best kayak crate. You need the best capacity because of the various gears you might have to carry. So, look at the angling gear you need and estimate how much space you would need.

Also, look at the size. Will the crate fit in your kayak? This is a question you should always have in mind. As such, you need to pick the best kayak crate that will adequately fit in the space you want to set it up.


You also have to consider the design. This will allow you to organize your tackle and fishing gear better.

The most common design is the open crate type. For this design, it will allow you to organize your tackle storage better. The only downside is that you may have to buy multiple smaller tackle boxes to use them in the crate.

You will also get other crates that have multiple compartments. These compartments will generally aid with the organization of your stuff. Anyone new to angling or kayaking should consider a model with multiple compartments. Such a crate would help you organize your crate better.

Ease of Access

Kayak fishing should be something fun that you enjoy. That will not happen if you cannot reach the fishing accessories with ease. It is why you also have to consider the ease of entry into the kayak crate.

This will come down to the type of enclosure you get with the kayak crate. If the enclosure can open and close with ease, you should have a great time working with it generally.

The enclosure should still be secure. Let us say it is a lid that easily opens. It can be disastrous when you capsize in your kayak. It means that everything in the kayak crate will end up in the water.

It is why most people prefer a zipper. The heavy-duty zippers will further help ensure better water resistance too.

Rod Holders

The rod holders are also great for ensuring you end up with the best kayak crate too. Having the rod holders also means you have a place to hold your fishing rods as you patiently wait for the fish to bite on the bait.

Most models would have the standard size rod holders. However, some will have provisions for you to attach different rod holders based on the type of fishing rods you might be using.

Attachment Needs

You will have to attach the kayak crate to your kayak to use it. So, what are the attachment requirements for your crate? It would be nice to get yourself a model that is easy to attach generally.

Some will have D-rings for attaching the crate to the kayak. Others will have other customized setup options to ensure you have the crate correctly attached to the kayak. Some of the other mounting options include tie-down straps, carabiner clips, and bungee cords.

Always pick the method that would ensure the best attachment and keep the crate from easily falling off the kayak.

Product Reviews of The Best Kayak Crate

This is a great option as the best kayak crate because of its design. The manufacturer has engineered it with the kayaker in mind. This means you can have the best storage even if you like kayaking more often.

Users also enjoy using it because it is a light tackle box with ample mounting surfaces. As such, you can always tailor it to any angling style or still store other gears you might need for kayaking.

The crate is best suited for anglers, thanks to the storage partitions. A good example is the top compartment, which can hold your fishing gear and still allow quick access. The crate still has the universal crate-to-kayak tie-down ports, important for holding it down in the kayak.

You also get up to two rod holders as part of the design. These rod holders should make your angling easier and enjoyable. There are also ten screws so that you can set up the rod holders in the position you like.

The crate is made in the USA. For many people, this is going to be a great choice in terms of durability and reliability.


  • The crate has multiple compartments
  • The latches provide a secure closure
  • This crate is built to last


  • Limited to one color and size option

When you go kayaking, you need to get the best kayak crate to hold all your gear. This model is a great option with its large main compartment. As such, if you have a lot of gear to carry at any point, this one should provide you with all the important space you need.

The lid also serves as an additional storage space. This is where you store some of the gear or items you frequently access while kayaking.

It is going to be a great choice for anglers since it comes standard with four rod holders. So, you should have a place to set up your fishing rods while angling. Since fishing is a game of patience, sometimes you need a place to set up your rods and wait.

When the latches are closed, the crate becomes water-resistant. This is a nice addition to making the crate versatile. As much as it might not be waterproof, water-resistance is also good for holding some of your gear that does not require constant exposure to water.


  • No assembly is necessary
  • It has four rod holders
  • It is water-resistant


  • It is pricey for the size

This is another top choice too, as the best kayak crate. It will be great for those who want to go angling while kayaking. This is because it provides you with enough space for your fishing gear while taking up less space in your kayak hull.

Looking at its space, we find that it can carry up to nine stows. For most people, this is a great use of space, ensuring that the users will always have the right space they need.

If the other model above was too expensive for you, this is a nice alternative. It is not as expensive, but still offers a great amount of space you need.

The durable, water-resistant fabric is also a top reason you want this type of kayak crate. Since kayaking involves a lot of exposure to the water, you need this type of crate to ensure your personal items are also protected.

Attaching the crate to the kayak is simple and straightforward. There are numerous D-rings to make this possible.


  • Large compartments
  • Easy to attach to kayaks
  • It has water-resistant fabric


  • The material easily fades over time

Perception is a top brand in making kayaks, so I can expect its crates to be great too. That is exactly what you get with this kayak crate. It is designed to be easily customizable so that you can organize your gear better, whether it is for fishing or any other application.

The kayak crate is best suited for sit-on-top kayaks, which have a stern or a rear tank too. This would make the attachment of the crate to the kayak easier generally.

Having a removable lid should make it easier to retrieve whatever is stored in the crate, even while kayaking. The lid has only one latch to make it easy to operate without necessarily losing your balance on the kayak.

The internal capacity can fit up to seven 3700 Plano boxes. It is easy to see just how big the box is to ensure more user storage space.

The durable and slick waterproof materials should make it an ideal crate for many other outdoor applications.


  • The crate has a waterproof construction
  • It is easy to secure it to the kayak
  • It is customizable for many other application


  • The crate is best suited for sit-on-top kayaks

Looking at the pictures, you would feel that the manufacturer did a lot to ensure the crate stands out as a top option too. This is because it has multiple compartments that make it a great choice for different outdoor uses other than kayaking.

Most users find it a great option for fishing. This is because it can hold up to two fishing rods. It also has drainage holes as a way of keeping the compartments dry during fishing.

Its design also accepts an optional standard 13 x 13-inch crate. This means you can improve its overall storage, making it a versatile product for the money.

The crate still has reflective logos crucial for more visibility than what you get with the other crates in the market. The handle is removable, ensuring that you get a versatile crate that can be customized depending on the application.

Its storage compartment is also lined with a heavy-duty zipper. Considering its possible applications, it would be nice to have a heavy-duty zipper to live up to your needs too.


  • Impressive heavy-duty zipper
  • Holds two fishing rods
  • Its logos are reflective for more visibility


  • The material wears quickly


Why should you get a kayak crate?

Kayak crates are essential for ensuring you can get the best storage space to hold your fishing gear and other personal items. Since you can organize the storage space better, you will have the chance of carrying more necessary stuff.

Are kayak crates water-resistant?

It depends on the type of kayak crate you buy. Some will be water-resistant, while others not at all. Look at the product description to learn more first before buying one for yourself.

Is it easy to set up a kayak crate?

Yes. Most people find it easy to set up the kayak crates all the time. You can opt for using bungee cords, tie-down straps, or any other custom options that come with the kayak crate.


The next time you have to go kayak fishing, you now see the importance of getting yourself the best kayak crate. Such a crate will ensure you always have a place to store your fishing gear better than when you did not have one. Also, a kayak crate can still be used for other outdoor events where you might need to carry more supplies and still remain well-organized.

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