5 Best Kayak Fishing Rods in 2022

Kayak fishing has been on the rise year after year. More people are taking up this type of angling as they can combine kayaking and fishing at the same time. You require the best kayak fishing rod if your kayaking fishing tip has to be successful.

Some common fishing rods can still be great for your kayak fishing trip. But you still need to look at other features to see if the fishing rod would be perfect for fishing. That is what my guide is all about.

Besides looking at the buying guide, I also mention the top models in the market for you to consider buying. Let us see what a kayak fishing rod is all about.

Quick Picks: The Top-Rated Kayak Fishing Rods

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How to Choose the Best Kayak Fishing Rod

The Action

The action, in this case, means the curvature the rod forms when it is under force. There are multiple action types you can get with a fishing rod. They include fast, medium, and slow actions.

The slow action rods are designed to bend the entire rod length whenever pressure is applied to it. A fast action rod bends only the first third of the fishing rod.

So, you have to consider what you prefer and where you would be using the fishing rod. It is why there is also medium action. This type of action is for those who want flexibility and responsiveness of both edges.

The action of the fishing rod would always be tied to sensitivity too. If you are fishing for the quiet, sneaky fish, consider something with more sensitivity. If the rod is not sensitive enough, the fish might swallow the bait before you can pull the line.

The Power

The power is also important when picking the best kayak fishing rod. The power, in this case, refers to the fishing rod’s ability to resist force. You will get low-power and high-power rods when buying the fishing rods.

The low-power rods will require moving the whole rod before anything happens. This makes such rods have low responsiveness.

The high-power rods are the opposite of the low-power rods. They tend to jump right back at you when you start to retrieve the line. This is because of the high tensile strength in the fishing rod.

So, there will be times when you need high power or low-power fishing rod. Only get one that works for you, depending on your needs.

Rod Length

The rod length is another top consideration to make when looking for the best kayak fishing rod. Most people love short rod lengths for kayak fishing due to portability. However, you should not go too short. This might make fishing a lot harder.

Take the time to compare the different sizes to see which one can be good for fishing in the kayak. If one is too long, it might make it hard to carry it to different fishing spots and retrieve the fish once you catch it.

Most of the models I review in this guide are within the best length you need to fish better in a kayak. The rods are neither too long nor too short to make fishing harder.


Of course, you also have to consider the material used to make the fishing rod. You are likely to come across fishing rods made of graphite, fiberglass, or carbon fiber material. Sometimes manufacturers combine the different materials until you have something suitable for various fishing conditions.

Graphite is sensitive and stiff. As such, it would be a great choice for using it with live baits. Fiberglass, on the other hand, offers more flexibility but might be less sensitive. Consider using crank baits with such a material.

Carbon fiber material is the strongest compared to the other two. It is also good in terms of sensitivity, making it a versatile choice. However, it might not be the cheapest. You may have to spend more to get for your next kayak fishing trip.

If you are on a budget, consider the fiberglass material. Even if they are budget buys, such rods are still durable.


The material used to make the handle can mostly be a matter of preference. You are likely to come across two main materials for the handle, including cork and foam. Just make sure the material you pick can deliver on both comfort and keep the handle from easily slipping.

The cork material is lightweight, warm to hold, and attractive. However, it can be less durable compared to foam. It is also easy to damage, depending on how the user holds the fishing rod.

As for the foam material, you will like it for being soft, durable, and lightweight.

The handle size is also worth checking out. You can have a split or continuous handle. The choice is mostly based on preference.

Product Reviews of The Best Kayak Fishing Rod

To be the best kayak fishing rod, this one comes with a sensitive and solid carbon fiber construction. The carbon fiber material will always improve the durability and performance of a fishing rod. Considering you are fishing in a kayak; you need the best sensitivity all the time.

The fishing rod is available in different sizes so that you can pick the best size, depending on your fishing style. Some would love the longer fishing rods, while others prefer the shorter models.

The fishing rod is still high-performance. This is because its guide is made using stainless steel and ceramic materials. The result is that the guide has a smoother action to avoid the line from easily getting stuck. Also, there is minimal friction when reeling the line to improve its overall functionality.

Another thing you like about the model is the non-slip rubber tube handle. This handle will keep the rod from slipping when you are trying to reel in your catch.


  • It offers impressive sensitivity
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • It has a solid carbon fiber construction


  • Some anglers find the rod fragile

The manufacturer understands the importance of having high-quality kayak fishing rods. It is why these ones are built using high-quality carbon fiber material. They are made of 24-ton carbon blanks. The result is a strong and structurally sound product for various fishing techniques you might have in mind.

The model also comes with sensitive tips design. The last thing you would want is for someone to pick a model that will be hard to transmit the action in the water. Well, its tips will help you detect even the faintest nibbles that might be on the line.

Another reason to consider this model should be its ergonomic design. It comes with tuned ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats to help in keeping the reels in place. Its high-density EVA handle and foregrips offer the user the comfort and grip they need for various fishing conditions.

Many people enjoy using the fishing rod as it is made by a professional brand. This brand has over 30 years of experience making the best fishing rods, so you can expect to get value for money.


  • Made of ultra-high-quality carbon fiber
  • It has sensitive tips
  • It features an ergonomic design


  • Limited size options

If you are in the market for the best kayak fishing rod, this is still a great option to keep in mind too. It is made to be great as it features both the rod and reel combo. Most should find it is great value for money. Also, it is available in many sizes so that you can pick the best one for yourself.

Another thing to like about the fishing rod is the perfect elasticity you get with it. It is not too much that you feel the fishing rod is flexing too much. Also, the use of high-density carbon fiber means you end up with a highly durable kayak fishing rod.

The use of stainless-steel material means that you end up with a model that does not corrode easily. The EVA foregrip is also important to give you the best comfort when you are fishing for hours.

Its telescoping fishing rod works great for those into kayak fishing. This is because the fishing rod will be highly portable. You can be using it for various kayaking trips as it can fit into your kayak with ease.


  • It is highly durable
  • It features the anti-reverse feature
  • The model has anti-corrosion properties


  • The reel does not have the smoothest action

This is a common choice as the best kayak fishing rod because of its design. It can break into five pieces. As such, you should find it being generally more portable than when you have to work with other models that do not collapse into various parts. Considering you are using a kayak, it would be nice to use such a design.

The model’s handle is made of a non-skid soft wooden handle. This type of handle will generally increase the comfort and performance of the fishing rod. At this point, you would have an easy time using the fishing rod better since its grasping force is better.

Another thing to like about the rod is the durable carbon fiber casting rod. Other than being durable, this material also improves the overall sensitivity of the fishing rod. You can now visit your favorite fishing spot and enjoy fishing better than before.

The model is also corrosion-resistant. The best part should be its exquisite reel seat. You would be able to use it even in saltwater environments, and the fishing rod will not easily corrode.


  • Collapses into smaller sections for portability
  • It is made of durable material
  • It is ultralight


  • A few complaints about the overall sensitivity

You are always going to love kayak angling if you have such a good kayak fishing rod. It is among the most affordable fishing rods in the market. Even if it is affordable, it is still high-strength and has an advanced carbon layer construction. This type of material will improve its overall durability and sensitivity so that you can fish better.

The manufacturer also made the fishing rods to have high-quality performance. Since the guides are made of stainless steel, they would make the action smooth and keep the line from easily getting stuck on the guides all the time.

Also, having the SiC insert makes it strong against oxidation and guarantees that you will have better wear even if you use it more often. Many people also love the thermal shock resistance of the fishing rod.

The premium anti-slip EVA grip will greatly reduce the chances of the fishing rod slipping. Even if you are fishing in the rain, you no longer have to worry that the rod would easily slip.


  • It has premium EVA grips
  • The guides have the best quality
  • The model is highly durable


  • The carry bag durability is not the best


What materials are used to make the fishing rod handle?

You can get cork or foam materials as the top materials for making the handles. Cork is attractive, but it does not have the best durability. Foam is loved for feeling soft in hand and remains durable for long.

Are guides important when picking a fishing rod?

Yes. This is because they determine the overall usability of the fishing rod. So, pick a rod with impressive guide quality, more guides, and the action should also be smooth too. Reading a few reviews on the product can help you pick the right one.

What types of power can you get with a fishing rod?

The most common include low-power and high-power fishing rods. This describes how much the fishing rod will spring back whenever the rod’s force is released. You should always pick the right power, depending on your needs.


The guide above on the best kayak fishing rod should be good enough to help you pick the best model in the market. The idea is to help you always have the right fishing rod to make your trip successful. Even if you are new to kayak fishing, you will now end up with the necessary accessories to make your fishing better.

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