Top 5 Best Kayak Lights for Nighttime Paddling

Some people find a charm or calmness paddling at night. It is the reason you would get many people out on the water trying to have a good time at night kayaking.

As much as it can be calming to kayak at night, you could still use the best kayak lights. They will help you kayak better and improve your safety generally. It is more reason to find more people considering the best kayak lights in the market.

I look at some of the top options and why you may want to consider getting these types of lights.

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What is a Kayak Light?

A kayak light is a type of light designed to be easily attached to a kayak stern or any other location to serve different uses. Some of the uses include navigation, warning, illumination, and more.

There is no doubt you will always like the kayak lights for having the best performance to use them for other vessels too. This is because most of them are high quality and versatile.

Why You Need Kayak lights

The kayak lights are generally crucial for illumination. Let us say you want to have a good time kayaking outdoors and it is nighttime, then the best kayak lights will be an excellent consideration.

Besides helping you see better, these lights can also be ideal for warning other people about your location. Such a light would be great, especially if you are kayaking in an area with heavy boating traffic. Without the lights, sometimes people can bump into you.

The same can be used as navigation lights. So, the use of the kayak lights can vary and will easily be adapted depending on the needs and type of light you get for the vessel.

How to Choose a Kayak Lights

Mounting or Installation

Installation or mounting can determine how you will enjoy using the light. It is best to consider getting yourself the best kayak light that is also easy to install and use.

The most common mounting options include suction mounting and clamp mounts.

The suction mounting is easy to use and also makes the lights affordable. However, these lights tend to lose suction with time.

The clamp mounts will offer a better grip than the other mounting types.Nevertheless, such a mounting type will likely be heavy and bulky. As such, it is something not many people would want to deal with all the time.

The other mounting option is the GearTrac system. This system will allow the user to customize how the light can be set up. The downside is that you need to screw the mounting plate into position. So, if you are not comfortable drilling into your kayak, this might not be for you.

Type of Light

The kayak lights are mostly categorized into two. There are those you mount on the deck while others are handheld.

The handheld kayak lights are generally smaller than those you mount on a deck. As much as they are small, they will be lightweight and offer a compact design. You would also easily attach them to different places since they will have a strap.

If you want larger and versatile kayak lights, consider the deck-mounted lights. They will have different types of mounting systems, depending on the light you pick. Some of the options include clamps and suction cups.

The deck-mounted lights also have the capability of providing up to 360 degrees of light. This is something the handheld light cannot deliver.


You may want to look at the materials used to make the best kayak lights. No one wants to start looking for new lights every few months. That is where the quality comes in.

Is the material durable? Will the material easily fade? And more. These are some of the questions to have in mind when looking at the product quality.


Considering you may have to use the kayak lights in different environments, will they be able to stand up to such environments?

It is why you have to check if the lights are weatherproof.

If the lights are weatherproof, it means you can use them even when it is raining or when they accidentally drop in the water. Look at the various the manufacturer uses to ensure the best weatherproofing capability.

Light Modes

Some models can have one light mode while others up to five light modes. It all depends on your needs.

Getting one with several light modes is often recommended. This is because you would have an easy time switching from one mode to another depending on your needs.

Power Source

Some lights will have a provision for installing batteries, while others you may have to connect to an external power source with examples such as a boat battery or rechargeable battery. At this point, you will choose based on convenience.

The power source can also determine the light time you get with the kayak light. If the bulbs are LED, it is possible to get more light hours before replacing or recharging the batteries.

Product Reviews of The Best Kayak Lights

It is a top consideration since it is bright and focused. The result is that you will have an easier time retrieving most of the things in the dark without much of a problem.

The installation is also excellent. This is thanks to having a suction cup with a magnetic base. As you can see, you do not need any tools to set it up. You simply place it where you want and forget about it.

The use of a strong suction cup with a magnetic base also ensures secure and maximum adhesion. You will not see the light easily falling off even while kayaking.

Thanks to the design and installation of the kayak light, I find it suitable for kayakers, hunters, hikers, campers, and more outdoor applications. As such, it is quite the versatile kayak light you can get for yourself today.

Another reason for picking this light should be its levels of lights. It comes with up to five light levels so that you can choose the correct one. The models include high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS.

The light uses 3 AAA batteries to help power the flashlight better. Since the light is energy efficient, it will make the batteries last longer.


  • The light is focused for better visibility
  • It has a strong suction cup
  • It has multiple light modes


  • The construction material does not have the best durability

This model is all about value for money. Most users find the lights super bright and long-lasting. This makes it easily visible from hundreds of feet away. For this reason, such lights would be great as safety, signal, and navigational lights.

These lights will come with batteries already preinstalled. The batteries can last up to 100 hours even with continuous use.

The lights are still lightweight and versatile. This is because the lights are the size of a car key. As such, it is easy to attach them to a pet collar, kayak, helmet, and much more. The fasteners that are present make it easier to strap the light to different places with ease.

These lights also have three lighting modes. As such, they will be versatile. The lighting modes include steady, strobe, and flash. So, the next time you need the best kayak lights, these can be a great deal.


  • The lights are weather-resistant
  • They are versatile
  • You get several lights per package


  • Not the best for illumination

These lights are designed to work as different light types. A good example is that you can use the lights as navigation lights, emergency lights, and more. As such, you would be using the lights to go to different places at night while ensuring your safety is paramount.

The lights come with two bright LEDs per light. As a result, you would be able to see the light from a distance of 0.6 miles. This will be a good option for those who might decide to request help from far.

How about the installation? The overall installation process is simple. The lights come with a flexible silicone body and double hooks so that you can attach the lights to the kayak rails.

Having up to three modes helps a lot with changing to a suitable light depending on your needs. You could decide on several flashing modes, slow flash, and steady lighting. Regardless of the mode you choose, the battery performance is still excellent.


  • They are easy to install
  • The lights are super bright
  • These lights are versatile


  • The hooks are not durable

The good thing about these kayak lights is that they are affordable. You will not have to spend so much to have the best illumination while kayaking at night.

For the price, you will get a pack of 4 lights to help distribute the light better. These LED bulbs are further made of strong, sturdy PC lens and chrome lens. As such, most people find the lights being great for various applications also.

These lights being sturdy and durable makes them suitable for harsh environments too. It is why many people would consider using them on fishing boats, kayaks, dinghies, and more.

As for installation, the process is generally easy. You have two wires, positive and negative, to set up the lights. As such, you should always have an easy time using such a type of light. Make sure to check the wire polarity before using the lights.

With a 5-year warranty, these lights will be a winner for many people. They will know that such a light will work great for them.


  • High quality LED lights
  • Highly versatile lights
  • Installation of the lights is easy


  • It could use multiple lighting modes

These lights are great for those who might consider getting more for less. For the price of the package, you will get up to 4 kayak lights. As such, it will be a great choice for anyone who needs to include more lights per boat.

These lights are easier to set up than what you get with some other models. You will find them having all the installation instructions that you need. Also, there are only two wires, thus making the whole installation easier and faster.

These lights are still waterproof. This is because they are made of high-quality ABS material. Such material is excellent for ensuring the best durability, too, considering the conditions they will be used in.

Many users find these lights being highly versatile. The manufacturer made them suitable for navigation, stern lights, warning lights, and more. It is why they are still common for pontoons, dinghies, sailboats, and more.


  • They are easy to install
  • Multiple lights per package
  • Versatile lights for different applications


  • The lenses get cloudy with time


Are the kayak lights waterproof?

Most of them are waterproof. This will ensure you have an easier time using the lights in different weather conditions without worrying they might get damaged.

Are LED lights worth buying?

Yes. The LED kayak lights are good in terms of energy use and brightness. Whether you use them as warning lights or for illumination, you will always find them ideal for such applications.

Is it hard to mount the kayak lights?

No. Kayak lights are mostly easy to set up on your kayak. It comes down to the mounting system. The common options include clamps and suction cups. They are both easy to use.


One of the reasons you would consider the best kayak lights is that you want to see better or be seen too. So, the different models mentioned above should give you all the performance you need to take on kayaking, even during the night. Go ahead and get yourself any light from the list above to have a nice time kayaking.

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