5 Best Kayak Rod Holders in 2022

There is no doubt you may be interested in kayak fishing. It is always nice to try new things to see if they can make your kayaking adventures better. Well, kayak fishing can be great until you find yourself holding the fishing rod for hours. In such a case, you need to get yourself the best kayak rod holders.

If you search online for the best kayak rod holders, the chances are you are likely to find many options. So, which one is the best for a kayak? Keep in mind that not all models would be suitable for your kayak. That is why I came up with this guide. It will help you identify the correct model for your kayak.

Quick Picks: The Top-Rated Kayak Rod Holders

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Why You Need Kayak Rod Holders

When you go fishing, you are never sure when you will catch the fish. As such, you may end up holding your kayak fishing rod for hours sometimes. You can get tired after some time, so it is best to consider buying a fishing rod holder for your kayak.

Another reason is that you need somewhere to store or transport your rods better. If you cannot store them correctly, you may have to waste time untangling the lines when you need to use the rods. Worst case scenario is that your rod may snap due to poor storage.

Some fishing kayaks would have rod holders as part of their design. Well, they might do the job, but they are not the best. Most of the time, they will be too basic and might limit your fishing style.

The best part about buying the best kayak rod holders is that they are the cheapest accessories you can get for your kayak. With only a few bucks, you get to have a laid-back fishing experience than before. That should be more reason to consider getting yourself the best kayak rod holder.

How to Choose the best Kayak Rod Holders

The Capacity

The capacity largely depends on the number of rods you wish to use while fishing. Most models would have a single rod holding capacity. However, that is not the only design available. You could also get some models with up to 3-rod holding styles. You can go for them if you need to hold more rods at any given time.

Some might decide to buy several single rod holders. However, it would be easier to have a multiple-rod holder to save on costs and mount it in a single location.

Materials Used

Of course, the material will always be important when picking the best kayak rod holders. The common materials are fiberglass, nylon, ABS plastic, and metals. The use of ABS plastic is the most common since the material is cheap and can be molded into different shapes.

Metals like stainless steel or aluminum are used in the case of mounting hardware. The idea is to help you get the best hardware that would not easily rust even when exposed to saltwater.

Mounting Style

You are likely to come across different mounting styles. They include clamp, crate compatible, adjustable, flush-mount, track mount, and deck mount. Learning more about these mounts should help you pick the correct one.

The clamp mount type is for those who do not want to drill into their kayaks. You can easily hold the rod holder in position using clamps. Let us say you are renting a kayak; there will be no point in installing something permanent.

The crate-compatible model is a fun way of choosing the best kayak rod holders too. They can be mounted in a crate and will often have up to three rod holding positions on a single piece.

As for the adjustable models, they work as the name suggests. You can adjust them to fit your fishing styling. However, you still need to drill the kayak to mount them correctly.

A flush mount option is for someone who might not have thought of kayak fishing before. This is because once you mount this rod holder, it will keep the surface clutter-free and clean even though you can now hold your fishing rod better.

The Price

You also have to consider the price. As much as they can be among the cheapest accessories to get for your kayak, sometimes they can be expensive. Do not just buy the first model that you see. Take your time to check out the various features you are getting for the price.


You should also look at which other places you can use the same kayak rod holder. A good model would be versatile. This means you could use the same for boats or other vessels too. Always make sure that the manufacturer recommends using the rod holders for kayaks.

Product Reviews of The Best Kayak Rod Holders

It would be nice to have the best kayak rod holder such as this one. Considering the manufacturer made it versatile, you should find it is a great choice for any angler. You can always use it for various vessels without worrying it might not work great.

This model is designed to allow the Baitcaster reel to sit in a cushioned cradle while the front slot holds the spinning reel. Also, the open bottom allows the rod to accommodate the trigger grips too. As you can see, it has an important design to hold your kayak better than before.

The rods are still secured by using a soft latching strap. The strap will snap over the top Baitcaster or under the spinning reels to ensure the rod is correctly held in place. There are minimal chances of the rod easily falling off.

The gearhead track adapter makes it easy for the model to slide into place. You can also change the rod holder positions quickly by a simple twist.


  • Highly versatile rod holder
  • It holds the rod securely
  • The cradle is well-cushioned


  • Some find the mount not the easiest to mount

Another top option as the best kayak rod holder is this model. You will not have to spend much to get it, and also, it has multiple positions for holding your rods. This should make it a great choice for those who love carrying multiple fishing rods to their fishing spots.

The model is made of high-quality propene polymer material. This type of material is highly durable and environment-friendly. You should not worry much about it easily breaking once you set it up on your kayak.

The material is also good for both freshwater and saltwater use. You will be able to use the rod to handle different types of water conditions without worrying it might easily break.

Another reason for buying such rod holders is because they help protect your favorite rods from damage during storage and transportation. Since a kayak might not always have enough room for your rods, it is best to have such mounts.


  • It is made of high-quality material
  • Great for freshwater and saltwater use
  • Alternative to rail mount rod holders


  • The material fades easily over time

This is be a top consideration for most people who are looking for the next best kayak rod holder. It may make it easier for them to carry and transport their rods better. This one works flawlessly with spinning, casting, or larger reels. Do not worry about the size, as this one can hold them all.

The holder will also allow for the best storage style. You can stow the spinning reels in their natural downward position. They no longer have to hang off on the side. As such, it is going to be a great choice for most people who want such a rod holder.

The model also comes with a 360-degree rotating collar. This type of collar should make it easier to secure the rod by capturing its reel. Even if you are new to using such a kayak rod holder, you should find it easy to use.

It also has multiple modes that allow anglers to easily stage the rods. You can set it up in a way that allows for quick access or locking them to ensure maximum security.


  • Works for different sizes of rods
  • Its collar rotates for ease of securing the rods
  • It comes with multiple modes


  • The GearTrac is not included

These rod holders are made of high-quality ABS material. Such material will leave you with several years of use since the rod holders do not break easily. Still, ABS is lightweight and easy to carry. You can always have these rod holders as part of your accessories, and it would be a big problem.

Mounting is generally easy. You have up to three screw holes to mount the holders. You can mount them to any flat surface on your kayak. The head design makes it easier for quick adjustment of the fishing rod. As such, you should end up with the best fishing rod holder generally.

Another reason for picking this model is that you can naturally position the fishing rod. You do not have to worry about adjusting the rod to store it correctly.

Having up to four pieces per package should help you with storing more rods during your fishing trip. You can even carry four fishing rods at the same time. The more, the merrier.


  • It is made of high-quality ABS material
  • Allows for keeping the rods in a natural position
  • It has all the mounting gear


  • A bit of drilling is necessary

This fishing rod holder is what you need when you need a break from holding the rod for hours. We all know that sometimes the fish are slow to take the bait. You might be waiting for hours. If this seems like the case, you could use the boat rods to hold the fishing rod.

The model features a great design too. Unlike some other models, this one will fold nicely to take up less space whenever it is no longer required. It is also lightweight, considering its design and the materials used to make it.

It is also easy to mount. You will not need to buy any installation accessories as it comes with everything you need for installation.

The manufacturer made it using high-impact-resistant ABS material. This type of material can be an assurance you will end up with a quality rod holder.


  • Multiple mounting options
  • Great for boats and kayaks
  • The installation hardware is stainless steel


  • The latch can easily break


What are the kayak rod holder mounting types available?

There are many options you can get in the market as mounting types. The most common include deck mount, track mount, clamp, crate, adjustable, and flush mount.

Are kayak rod holders expensive?

In most cases, they are affordable. Most people find them as the cheapest option when buying accessories for their kayaks. However, always look at the features and durability you get for the price.

How many fishing rods can fit in a kayak rod holder?

It will depend on the design. Some can have a single fishing rod holder design, while others can hold multiple rods at any given time. Go ahead to pick the one you feel would suit your fishing style.


The best kayak rod holders are known to make your fishing experience better. You would not have to deal with fatigue all the time when you have such an accessory. Since there are multiple mounting options, you could always pick the one you feel is great for your fishing style and also kayak. No need to drill a kayak if you are renting it.

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