kayak loader

5 Best Kayak Loaders in 2022

Regardless of the kayak size, there are times you will find it hard to load onto a car’s roof. The worst is when you have an SUV that is higher off the ground. You would have to work harder to get the kayak onto the roof. What is the solution in this case? Using a …

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Best Fillet Knife

5 Best Fillet Knives in 2022

If you like to prepare fish delicacies, the chances are you have come across a fillet knife. Anyone who has tried getting the scales off the fish understands how difficult it can be sometimes. It is why you need the right knife, such as the fillet knife, to get the job done right. The fillet …

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Kayak Fishing PFD

Top 5 Best Kayak Fishing PFDs

Kayak fishing is one of the best adventures to consider when looking to relax. However, you can never be relaxed when you are not safe. This is why you need a Personal Floatation Device(PFD). It is also a requirement by the law that you have a PFD when getting into the water. Rather than feeling …

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