Top 5 Kayak Stake Out Poles in 2022

If you have a stake-out in a kayak, you might sometimes notice that your kayak starts to drift around. This might be because of a tide or wind. Without knowing it, you might crush into other things such as rocks or other kayaks while on a stake out.

The best way to prevent such from happening is to get the best kayak stake-out poles. This guide looks at the various options in the market as stake-out poles and which ones you can get for yourself today.

Quick Picks: The Top-Rated Stake Out Poles

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What Is A Stake-Out Pole?

A stake-out pole can be described as a long stick or pole you used to anchor a kayak in shallow waters rather than using a traditional kayak anchor. As such, you would keep the kayak from moving around a lot.

The stake-out poles are often cheaper and easier to use compared to traditional anchors. It is for this reason; more people are likely to consider getting themselves the best kayak stake out poles.

Even the setup process is simple. Once you have tethered the kayak to the pole, simply push the pole into firm ground to hold it in place. Also, removing it from its position is easy.

Why You Need Kayak Stake Out Poles

Kayak stake out poles are commonly used by those who want to fish. By using such a pole, you would have an easy time keeping the kayak from moving around. You could use it for a relaxing time outdoors too. This means you can chill outdoors under the stars, just trying to forget about your troubles.

Here are some other reasons why you may opt for kayak stake-out poles

  • They are easy to use. If you compare them to conventional anchors, the poles are easier to use
  • You no longer have to worry about tangles too. This is because you only need the stake out pole, and you are good to go.
  • The poles are generally easy to maintain. They do not have much to do in terms of maintenance. As such, you can always have an easy time using them.
  • Great for shallow waters. Let us you are fishing; then it is best to consider stakeout poles rather than spending so much on conventional anchors.

The best stakeout poles will make your life easier and help you enjoy relaxing in your kayak too. Make sure you get the right one from a top brand generally.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Kayak Stake-Out Poles

Gripping Power

How well the stake-out pole can hold the kayak is what is called the gripping power. No one wants a kayak stake-out pole that would start to move around easily when you have just attached the kayak.

The gripping power depends on how the stake-out pole was designed to anchor into the ground. Reading several reviews on the kayak stake-out poles can help you understand which has the best gripping power.

Ease of Using

The ease of using your kayak stake-out pole is also important. For most models, they are easy to use. You simply attach the kayak to the pole and push it into the ground. That should be simple for some people. However, some models might have some fancy features to help make them stand out and, in the process, complicate the overall use of the stake-out poles.


Of course, the material is quite important. No one wants to get themselves materials that would rust after a few uses. So, look at the material the manufacturer uses before making up your mind. You should be in a position to get the best kayak stake-out pole once you understand the durability of such materials.

The material should also be bend-resistant. It might be durable, but easily bends. So, keep that in mind too.


If you are going to consider the price, look at what you are getting for the price. Do not go for the cheapest model always, as sometimes it might not have the best performance. Even if a model is expensive, make sure it can live up to your needs too. It should match its price to the performance.


The model that you get should be versatile too. It would not hurt to have a model that is durable and can work for various vessels. Most models in the market can work for kayaks, boats, pontoons, and so much more. Having a more versatile kayak also means you can use the same pole on different vessels without having to get a different model for each one of them.


The length can determine where best you can use it as much as kayak stake-out poles are mostly used for shallow waters. Look at the length first before buying. There are times you might need a longer pole because the ground is too soft. Having a longer pole means you can anchor your kayak better in such situations.

Product Reviews of The Best Kayak Stake Out Poles

If you have used a YakStick mud anchor before, this is quite the alternative now for kayaks. Because of its design, most people find it effortless to anchor in shallow waters with ease. Let us say you want to go fishing; this should be a nice stake-out pole for your kayak.

The pole is 6-feet. For most people, this should be good enough to allow ease of anchoring even in coastal waters, lakes, and streams. It is easy to see that this stick is quite multipurpose to ensure you get the best performance generally.

There is also the multipurpose handle design. This type of design is vital to provide you with a firm grip on overall. You can now easily push the stick through the hard bottoms with ease anytime. It can still be flipped around to use it as a push-pole mud foot.

Since it is made of fiberglass material, it should give you unsurpassed strength generally. Most people who have used it also say it is lightweight, making it easy to carry around.


  • It is lightweight
  • Made of strong material
  • Versatile stake out pole


  • The foam padding is not durable

You may be staking out on a sandy shore, so it would be best to also get a sand stake out pole such as this one. You will no longer need to worry about your boat or kayak drifting when it is anchored using this model. This is because it works by using a premium screw auger to hold the kayak in position better.

The model is recommended for shallow waters, beaches, and shallow lakes too. These are places you would take your kayak for a stake out. You should not have to worry that it might drift and hit several things around the beach or another kayak.

The manufacturer understands the importance of quality. It is why this stake out pole is made of strong stainless steel. This ensures the pole will not easily rust and can last you for a very long time to come. You also get foam grips that make it easy to push the pole into the sand or remove it too.


  • It is easy to set up
  • Impressive design
  • High-quality build


  • It might be dull for some areas

This type of stakeout pole is among the cheapest you can get in the market. Being cheap does not always mean it will not work great. This is because the pole can still deliver on some great performance.

The manufacturer made it to have a patented grounding system. This type of system can deliver up to 5 times the overall gripping power. You are likely to get a great stake out pole that can hold your kayak better while fishing.

There is also a cap watering hole. This design is vital for the ease of removing the pole in case you set it up on extremely hard soil. So, it should be generally easy to use this type of stake out pole.

Another thing you will like about the pole should be that it is rust and bend-resistant. This is thanks to the material used to make it. Considering you will be using it in the water a lot, it is nice to know that it can be great in terms of resisting rust.


  • Impressive gripping power
  • It has a cap watering hole
  • Rust-resistant construction


  • Not the best for holding big kayaks

This stakeout pole has a unique design compared to what you get with the other models. Most people find it convenient and easily portable. It is best suited for small boats, PWCs, and kayaks. So, you should find it is quite versatile to serve you well.

The model comes with an effective self-hammering action that should make it easy to drive the pole into the sand with ease. There is no need to use a lot of effort as you can always have a good time working the pole into the ground.

It also comes with an integrated loop on the top to securely hold your kayak in place. This means the kayak can be stable as you patiently wait for your fish or whichever reason you are having a stake-out.

The model also features a durable rubber coating on the handle to provide you with the protection that you need. For most people, you can expect a sure grip with this kind of stake-out pole generally.


  • Impressive gripping power
  • Easy to drive into the ground
  • Reliable stake out pole


  • Could use more features for the price

It is hard to go wrong with this kayak stake out pole. It might be the most expensive on our list, but it does a good job of ensuring you end up with a high-quality stake out pole that is also reliable.

One thing that makes it a top choice is that it comes with a lightweight hollow-core technology construction. This is going to make you have a great time using it generally as you will find it easy carrying around.

Having a push grip comfortable handle also works great for most people. Once they get to a place they want to kayak, it is easy to set it up. There is no doubt you can enjoy using such a type of stake out pole generally.

This stake out pole would work for different shallow water bodies. As a result, it should appeal to many people who want to work on the kayak in different places without a problem.


  • Good gripping power
  • Lightweight
  • Strong material


  • It is pricey


Is it easy to anchor a stake-out pole?

Yes. Not much work is needed as all you have to do is push it firmly into the ground. For most models, they would hold ground with ease.

What is the durability of stake-out poles?

It depends on the materials used to make the poles. Most are made using stainless steel. Such material is great as it ensures you can have an easy time using it even in salty water without worrying it might rust.

Where can you buy stake-out poles?

In most cases, online shops would be a nice place to start. You can buy the stake-out poles in other stores close to you that sell kayak accessories.


Now that you know more about the best kayak stake-out poles in the market, you can go ahead and get some for yourself. They would be able to help you enjoy kayaking, fishing, and many other activities too. All the models I have mentioned above will provide the best performance generally that you need. Pick any you see has all the important features you need.

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