5 Best Scupper Plugs for Improved Kayaking

Scupper plugs might be simple kayak accessories, but they are crucial for keeping you afloat. You may want to consider getting them if you are new to kayaking, as you will need them.

What makes scupper plugs important? And why should you consider getting them today? Below is a detailed guide to help you learn more about scupper plugs generally.

Quick Picks: The Top-Rated Scupper Plugs

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What Are Scupper Plugs?

Your kayak has a scupper hole in which you place a scupper plug. A scupper is easily referred to as a drain hole. The drain hole allows for draining your kayak in case of rain or too much water gets into the kayak while having an adventure.

The scupper plugs are designed in a way that allows for fitting them into the scupper holes easily. They would have a tapered design so that they can fit in different hole sizes.

As much as they can work with different kayaks, you should always measure the scupper hole sizes to buy the correct scupper plugs.

Why You Need Scupper Plugs

From the description of what is a scupper plug, you should find that it is easy to see why you need the scupper plugs.

They are essential for keeping the water out of the kayak by blocking the scupper holes.

Let us say you are kayaking in a choppy river or the kayak is weighed down. This means the water might start getting into the kayak through the kayak’s scupper holes.

When you plug your scupper holes correctly, this is not something you will have to worry so much about.

How to Choose Scupper Plugs


The first important thing to consider when picking the best scupper plugs is durability. The durability can help a lot in mitigating any possible leakages in the future. You will also get yourself the best product that will not need replacing every few months.

There are various materials used in making the scupper plugs. The common options include plastic, stainless steel, and rubber. Rubber and plastic will be the cheapest in the market. You will not have to spend a lot to get yourself the best scupper plugs.

Also, some materials can be vulnerable to temperature changes. This mostly includes the use of stainless steel. It is better to do more research before settling on one material that will help keep the water out of your kayak.


This is likely the most important part of buying yourself the best scupper plugs. They need to be the correct size.

The correct size will help you achieve the best seal for the kayak scupper holes. Measure the kayak scupper holes first before proceeding to buy yourself the best scupper plugs.

You are likely to come across models claiming to be universal fits. As much as they can work great for different kayaks, just make sure the same can be great for your scupper holes.

Ease of Use

You have to look at how easy it is to place the plugs into the holes and remove them when necessary.

For the most part, the scupper plugs are easy to use. You are likely to find some models with lanyards. All you should do is pull on the lanyards when you need to remove the scupper plug.

The other option would be that the scupper plugs would have handles too. These handles allow for the ease of removing the scupper plugs from the holes.


Of course, you would want something that offers value for money. It is why you need to get yourself the best scupper plug for the job. These plugs are among the cheapest kayak accessories, but you should always look at what you are getting for the price.

No one wants to keep buying new scupper plugs even if they are among the cheapest options to get in the market.

Product Reviews of The Best Scupper Plugs

This model comes with up to 8 scupper pieces so that you can use them on different kayaks you may own. Each scupper plug is equipped with a lanyard, making it easy to use generally. Also, in case you lose one plug, you are sure several others are remaining to replace the lost one.

Another thing you will like about this product is that it is durable. The manufacturer made these plugs using reliable silicone material. Such material is sturdy enough so that you can use the plugs for years down the line. They are also not likely to rot even when soaked in water.

Each scupper plug’s size is around 1.5 inches for the upper diameter and 0.7 inches for the lower diameter. This size makes it a top choice for various kayak models. So, it is a great choice for kayak scupper holes ranging from at least ¾ to 1.5 inches.

The plugs are generally easy to use. In case you need to pull out the scupper plugs, simply pull the lanyard, and it comes out.


  • Multiple plugs for the price
  • Durable scupper plugs
  • Easy to use scupper plugs


  • Not the best for some Perception kayaks

This is another top option as the best scupper plugs for your kayak. The plugs are made of high-quality silica gel material. Such a material delivers on strength, durability, resistance to water, corrosion, and so much more. Since it has moderate hardness, it should hold its position better to avoid any leaks into the kayak.

The overall size makes it an easy choice since you can use it with many other kayak types too. Having the lanyard cord should make it convenient to pull it out whenever you want.

The manufacturer also made them affordable. Considering you are getting up to six scupper plugs, you are sure it is going to be enough for you to handle all the scupper holes in your kayak. Also, if you lose one, you can always get a replacement.

As for usage, they are not complicated to use. All you have to do is plug them into the different scupper holes and enjoy kayaking without worrying about leaks.


  • High-quality model
  • The size works for different kayaks
  • It is easy to use the plugs


  • They get too hard after a while

Anyone who is looking for the best scupper plugs would want to consider this one too. This is because the kit is affordable while simultaneously meeting the needs of the various users. That is why you would want to get it for yourself right now.

The material used to make these scupper plugs is thermoplastic rubber. This kind of material is environmentally-friendly, offers good wear resistance, skid resistance, and absorbs shock better. So, in case you may be kayaking in choppy waters, these plugs will remain working great.

Users will also love it for being excellent at preventing leaks. This is because the TPR material has a multilayered structure to ensure the water does not seep into the kayak easily. You can be sure the kayak will remain dry when rowing.

The plugs are generally easy to install. You can always mount the scupper holes with ease and keep the plugs from easily falling off.


  • The plugs are easy to use
  • Made of strong material
  • Multiple plugs to meet your needs


  • They might be too big to fit some kayaks

These best scupper plugs are designed to meet your kayaking needs. This is because they have a size of 1.6 inches for the upper diameter and 0.8 inches for the lower diameter. As such, it should be easy to plug into different kayak scupper holes you might have to handle.

There are up to 8 scupper plugs you get with the package. This type of package is what you need when looking for plugs to use for multiple kayaks. The plugs are also available in different colors. They include black, red, blue, green, and sky blue.

Each scupper plug is light and small. So, portability will not be an issue. Still, they are all equipped with lanyards. This should make it convenient for you to easily pull the scupper plugs from the holes. The lanyards also help with the installation of the scupper plugs.

The customer support team is ready to help you whenever possible. So, go ahead to get the scupper plugs for yourself right now.


  • Superior performance
  • Multiple pieces in a single kit
  • Lightweight and small plugs for portabilit


  • They become harder over time if used more often

It should not be easy to go wrong when choosing this one as the best scupper plug for your kayak. It has a size of 2 inches for the top diameter and 1.4 inches in height. This size should work great for most types of kayaks. Like any other scupper plug, make sure that you are always looking at the size before buying.

Another thing to like about the scupper plug should be the practical design. The model has a tiered structure. This type of design allows for the ease of customizing it to the different models of kayaks in the market. It also has a pull handle design for easy and quick removal of the scupper plugs.

The material is also durable. This is because the material is high-quality rubber. Even if it is exposed to water most of the time; it will not easily get destroyed. So, you would be using it for a long time.

Other than using these scupper plugs for your kayak, the same work for canoes, fishing boats, and so much more. It should be a versatile choice for most people.


  • It is highly durable
  • The design is practical and good in performance
  • Affordable


  • Limited color options


How do you use scupper plugs?

Scupper plugs are easy to use. You only need to screw or wedge the plugs into the scupper holes. It comes down to the type of scupper plug. Look at the manufacturer’s directions before using the scupper plugs. This helps you to get it done right.

Is having water in your kayak normal?

To some extent, it is normal to have some water in your kayak. Do not panic when you see some water in your kayak. When the water is too much, the scupper holes come in handy to drain it out. So, you need to remove the scupper plugs to allow the water to drain at this point.

What if I am bothered by excessive water in the kayak?

Sometimes draining the water out of the scupper holes might not be enough to make someone comfortable. In this case, consider using a bilge pump. Such a pump will help in draining the water faster too.


The best scupper plugs are crucial for helping your kayak stay dry for longer. This is mostly when you weigh it down too much to a point water starts to get into the kayak through the scupper holes.

These kayak accessories are the cheapest you can buy. You should not have a reason why you lack them. Go ahead to get any of the models mentioned above since they are the best in the market.

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